Frequently asked questions

Q: How successful are the G & M clear security grills at stopping intruders?

With hundreds of stores all over the country having the grills installed now, the clear security grill system has been put to test many times over and is yet to be defeated. You can see a video of the grills being put to the test here.

Q: Will the grills change in appearance or become visible over time?

The grills are made from strengthened and UV stabilized polycarbonate so they will remain as they are for many years. All you have to do is clean them with a damp cloth from time to time.

Q: I have a job with many different types of glass work required can G & M quote to do everything I need?

Because we have such a broad scope of glass related products and services G & M are able to price most glass projects with the right combination of products to get your job done.

Q: I have a tricky glass job and Im not sure how to go about it?

We have loads of industry experience and love a challenge. Due to the nature of the glass replacement industry we are constantly innovating. If you have a problem that needs a clear solution just call/email and ask, we are sure to help.

Q: I want to secure my windows and reduce heat but still keep the vision to my store clear, if there a product available for this?

There are many film products that can reduce heat and strengthen your existing windows whilst not changing the appearance significantly. Contact us today to find out more.

Q: I have existing windows I would like to upgrade but need to make the building more energy efficient (SECTION J of BCA compliance), how can I do this?

There are a number of options available now for more energy efficient glazing. Apart from a vast array of energy efficient glass types available your existing glass can also be made more efficient by adding film to it. Contact us for more information.

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