Clear Security Systems

G & M clear polycarbonate grills:

G & M clear polycarbonate security grills are an innovation entirely unique to G & M Glass. They have been developed to sit inside your existing window frames and have a non-obtrusive clear look whilst still being made from tough polycarbonates. These grills can withstand much more punishment than regular mesh & wire steel grills due to their flexible design. These grills have been installed to many stores all over Australia and have prevented entry every time. When used in conjunction with clear Security film (strengthening the glass) you are left with a clear view security solution you can be sure wont be defeated. Check out the footage of our bars in action.

For more pictures of the G & M clear polycarbonate grills click here

Clear security sliding door system:

These are sliding security doors made for high priced display cabinets which are near indestructible. They are made from clear 6mm thick polycarbonate sheets encapsulated in an aluminium surround frame with all parts interlocking and security screwed. We use heavy duty rollers from "Cowdroy" and a large steel bi-lock which goes through both doors and surround frames. These doors are ideal for cabinets which need high security measures to protect goods.